Dean’s Message

Welcome to the web site of Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy.

 As the first faculty of pharmacy inTurkey, our faculty has been founded in 1960 and started education in 1961-1962 semester. During the past 48 years since the establishment, we proudly witnessed the graduation of many outstanding pharmacists with true love for their profession and public mission and how they provided excellent health service in all different areas ofTurkey.

 As an institution of education and research, we comprehend our duty in using the resources of our country more efficiently for the students we are obligated to educate and to contribute to the scientific and technological development ofTurkey. We value the presence and the determination of our co-workers who share our responsibilities as the foundation of scientific excellence that we aim for our future.  It’s for this reason, that Faculty of Pharmacy of Ankara University has become the “leader” in both education and scientific development inTurkeyand been involved in constitutions that enable modernization and technological progress of pharmacy profession.

 One of the primary reasons for the advance in recent years is the steady, objective and against all forms of discrimination style in administrative structure that aimed to keep the vision and mission ofAnkaraUniversity. Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the major contributors to science and education inAnkaraUniversity. The number of publications that are covered by scientific indexes is now approaching 2 that was0.5 in1990s per faculty member and our faculty ranks first in 2008 amongst all faculties in Ankara University and is one of the leaders amongst other faculties of pharmacy. This success is the consequence of the efforts of excellent faculty members and the solid scientific infrastructure of our faculty. Success despite difficulties enabled our faculty to occupy a well-deserved place in national and international platforms.

Our faculty is the pioneer in the efforts of a better pharmacy education by both a clinical pharmacy program that is considered a major advance and by increasing pharmacy education to 5 years. The potential of our members is of excellent quality that will take us to a proud future all together. We truly believe that this potential we are so proud of will lead us through difficulties of all kinds, illuminate us and support the future of our faculty.

An experimental pharmacy and another parenteral solutions laboratory are the two centers for production of hemodialysis solutions. In addition to providing an important income to our faculty, these units also enable practical training for our students.

The central laboratories not only serve our university, but also other universities, research centers and pharmaceutical industry. The analyses in our central laboratories are considered as reference by the health authority inTurkey.

In addition to pharmacy profession, education, and scientific research, we aim to contribute to the following:

1. Activities to motivate and support the faculty members in taking part in EU projects and provide contribution to our university in this regard

2. To motivate and increase ERASMUS activities by supporting our students and by working to create an appealing environment in order to attract EU students

3. To work with Ministry of Health, Higher Education Board, Council of Universities,  Medicine and Health Education Board to improve the concept of education on clinical pharmacy

4. Activities for collaborations to increase educational and scientific threshold at an international level

5. To manage the projects supported by State Planning Organization and Scientific and Technological Research Council as an institution and thereby supporting institutional as well as individual projects.

6. Activities to license, monitor and analysis of plant-based drugs that are used as dietary supplements

We believe that the most important factor that glorifies an institution is the perseverance of co-workers.  We all possess the responsibility to raise this faculty.  For this purpose, we, co-workers and graduates, will direct positive initiatives at all levels all together.

The visitors may be able to find more detailed information on resources, education and other aspects of our faculty within this web site.

Once again, I would like to thank you for visiting our web site.

With Best Wishes,

Prof. Dr. Gülbin ÖZÇELİKAY